Welcome to Our Lady of the Pines and St.Theodore of Tarsus Catholic parishes in Nevis and Laporte. We have been blessed to worship in our two parishes for over 100 years. 

Our congregation is sprinkled throughout the geographical region of East Hubbard County. We have 250 year-round, summer and seasonal, households that worship with us. We are proud of our parishes and fellowship and worship spaces in both Nevis and Laporte.

We invite you to come join us for worship at either of our parishes. Our Mass schedule is:

 ​                                                  Nevis         Laporte
​                    Tuesday             12 noon            --
                    Wed-Friday         9:00 am           --   
                    Saturday             5:00 pm           -- 
                    Sunday              10:30 am      8:30 am

              Our Lady of the Pines                                                  St.Theodore of Tarsus                                                                           
205 Main Street, Nevis   218.652.4005                     580 County Road 39, Laporte  218.652.4005                                   
Our Lady of the Pines
St.Theodore of Tarsus
Nevis, Minnesota

Laporte, Minnesota
"Catholic Community of East Hubbard County"
St.Theodore of Tarsus
Icon by Mary Charles McGough, OSB, St. Scholastica Monastery, Duluth, MN commissioned in 2007.
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